about our company

Meet our founder, "Miss Lynne", as she's so dearly referred.

More than 24 years ago, Lynne Fleming agreed to care for a good friend’s child on a part time basis. She took the toddler into her home, making him part of her extended family and caring for him in the same way that she cared for her own children. Soon, another friend inquired and Lynne’s family grew a little more. Word spread from one friend to another and, gradually, Aiken’s most endearing child care business was borne.

With the passing of each year and the introduction of each new “family member” to her home, Lynne’s vision for “her kids” grew. Not only did she want them to be safe and happy while in her care, she wanted to contribute directly to their development – offering them activities and experiences that would inspire their curiosity, encourage their intellectual growth and increase their social abilities. As others learned of her commitment and the remarkable care that she was providing, her family continued to grow! Here are a few words from some of her "extended" family: