Buildings Designed by Science

Cornerstone Kids has outsourced the design and construction of its Aiken, South Carolina location and its projected 200 additional franchise locations to national award winning Insulsteel™ Building Sciences, LLC, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. Insulsteel provides architectural, engineering and manufacturing systems for constructing High Performance buildings for both the residential and commercial building markets.
Insulsteel pioneered the EcoShell™ - an innovative building enclosure system that significantly reduces energy costs, withstands hurricane winds up to 200 MPH, provides thermal insulation values equivalent to 400% greater than traditional wood framing and can meet commercial building code requirements for U.L. two-hour rated firewalls.

Insulsteel buildings are routinely rated as LEED Platinum Buildings, the highest level of building achievement. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) named Insulsteel as the Top U.S. Builder with revenues under $100 million. The U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) has named Insulsteel to its “Top 1% of US Builders” in recognition of constructing ZERO ENERGY Buildings.

It's Insulsteel’s groundbreaking way of building, its EcoShell technology, which protects buildings
from outside and indoor air pollutants, provides
400 percent more insulation value of a traditional, stick-built home, and makes it capable of standing up
to hurricane-force winds.
Cornerstone Kids research has determined that no other U.S. building enclosure system compares to Insulsteel’s high-performance standards in building design, construction costs and most and most importantly, a safe environment for our kids’ health, well-being, and cognitive development.


Insulsteel CEO on the Cornerstone Kids Healthy Building Initiative

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