Franchise Opportunities

Franchising is for individuals with a lifestyle / business goal and the funds to buy into a successful system.

Cornerstone Kids offers a lifestyle / business in childcare. The typical Cornerstone Kids franchise will be in one of America’s economically robust cities. The profile is a facility with a minimum of 300 children, from infants and crawlers to preteens charging a minimum of $1,000 monthly per child.

Each Cornerstone Kids facility will offer the same value proposition as its charter Aiken, South Carolina facility:

Not all childcare centers are created equally! Introducing Cornerstone Kids, a new type of childcare where ‘Healthy Kids and Families are our Main Concern’. Our indoor environment significantly reduces bacterium, viruses, and other microorganism as small and viscous as the flu virus that can cause diseases which creates a healthier environment – this Cornerstone Kids’ healthier environment solution is not found in existing childcare facilities.

Cornerstone Kids projects its flagship Aiken facility will have no available spots upon opening with a waiting list. This creates a business that is cash positive and profitable in its first month of operation generating maximum profits each month thereafter.

To recap, Cornerstone Kids projects its franchisees, at a minimum, will generate $300,000 in monthly revenue (300 kids x $1,000), beginning in month 1, or $3.6 million in annual revenue. Each franchise will be able to increase its revenue by increasing its monthly child fee and/or increasing the number of children based on the size and affluence of its community.

Owning a Cornerstone Kids franchise creates pride of ownership and elevated community status by delivering on our value proposition. We project local and statewide media will serve our franchisees well, reporting the news of a morphing parental childcare decision making logic from price and location to:

"If everything else is equal and your child is safer, drinks cleaner water, is in a physical environment that reduces bacterium and other microorganisms as small and viscous as the flu virus, that prevents diseases in an airtight, mold & mildew free, energy efficient building with green certified safe furnishings, offering after-school activities already in use by our family, all while offering a fresh hot dinner for four at the end of each workday... why wouldn’t you want your child to enroll at Cornerstone Kids?"

We project our franchisees will be proud of their service to the families within their community and the profit generated while delivering on its socially significant healthy family solution to childcare.