State-of-the-Art Child Care

Our Building
Every Cornerstone Kids facility promises to provide our families with the highest standard in state-of-the-art child care. Insulsteel Building Enclosures offers the EcoShell™ - innovative building enclosure system that withstands hurricane winds up to 200 MPH, provides thermal insulation values equivalent to R-40 – R-58 (4-times greater than traditional wood framing), and can meet commercial requirements for a two-hour rated firewall. The EPA has awarded Insulsteel buildings with its incomparable Indoor “airPLUS” air quality certification. No other U.S. building material system is known to meet Insulsteel’s high-quality, low-cost performance standards.
Our Community
Cornerstone Kids Community Outreach involves our staff and kids alike. Older Cornerstone Kids will serve as Goodwill Ambassadors welcoming Rotarians, PTAs, large family events, graduation celebrations and all other community events. In our flagship town of Aiken, SC, there isn't a community center that compares. With Aiken’s mild year around climate, our outdoor community center enhances our one-of-a-kind reputation while inviting all of Aiken to enjoy. Upon entering our facility our older kids will shake their hands, look them in the eye and welcome them to Cornerstone Kids. Community outreach visitors will receive hosted tours by staff and kids. This is designed to be a confidence booster for each Cornerstone Kid and a recognition by the public that Cornerstone Kids are capable of social interaction with people of all ages.
Our community image is important. Our teachers will wear Cornerstone Kids apparel, smart and tailored. Our kids will always look sharp complying with our dress code while our staff, dressed in Cornerstone Kids’ uniform, will always look fresh, clean and brilliant. Combining all these components will result in conversation, news, publicity, and word of mouth from one parent to another creating a communication "network effect" barrier making competition difficult if not impossible.
Our Competitive Edge
Child care facilities are similar in every U.S. city. Historically, parents make their child care decisions based on price and location. Child care competitors will find it difficult to compete with the Cornerstone Kids’ facility where the health and well-being of each child is now a major benefit inviting comparison. Families will quickly learn about Cornerstone Kids and its many benefits from media reports and word of mouth from parents within their community. This "network effect" will make it difficult for ‘Old Standard’ child care facilities to compare.
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