E.P.A. Certified Indoor Air

The air and dust in most buildings is filled with chemicals and other toxins that you don’t want your child exposed to. But at Cornerstone Kids, we make sure your child has a clean and healthy indoor environment that maximizes their potential. Our healthy-from-the-ground-up facility is built to keep toxins out in the first place. This is a Game Changer.
Kids in daycare get sick. A lot. This is hard on parents and hard on kids. But did you know that a healthy building means your child will get sick less often? Cornerstone Kids’ focus on fresh air makes a world of difference - you can expect your child to get sick half as often as in a typical childcare building. Fewer ear infections mean fewer antibiotics prescriptions, and fewer lost days of work!
Cornerstone Kids Set the Bar High in a New Standard of Daycare

The Cornerstone Kids learning environment is a pathogen free, airtight facility removing airborne contaminants as small and viscous as the flu virus to create a healthier environment.
Since 2014, the US Environmental Protection Agency has named Insulsteel as a “Partner” in the EPA Indoor AirPLUS program. The Partner Program recognizes leading organizations who promote safer, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environments. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) has determined that unhealthy indoor air quality in homes and buildings is up to 100 times unhealthier than outdoor air and children and senior citizens are the age groups most affected by poor air quality. Environmental research has determined that when children grow up in buildings with poor air quality, it affects their ability to learn and is linked to health issues such as asthma, ADHD and Autism. This is a major health problem that is growing at alarming rates.
Cornerstone Kids air quality standards incorporate the Department of Energy’s "ZERO Energy" policies - EPA’s airPLUS and Smart Ventilation programs for new construction with environmental improvements. This means an airtight controlled facility removing airborne contaminants creating the healthiest child care environment for your kids.
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