Healthy Kids Need Healthy Air

Child and daycare centers are a Petri dish for germs and bacteria. Preventing the spread of infectious flu viruses and other harmful airborne pathogens is a top priority. Studies have shown that kids in daycare have more infections, are prescribed more antibiotics, and visit the doctor more often than kids who stay home. Cornerstone Kids doesn’t believe it has to be this way. The findings further acknowledge that:

  • Kids in daycare get an average of 3-10 ear infections annually. This is four times the incidence of children staying home.
  • Colds, asthma symptoms, allergy, and coughing is lower in well ventilated childcare centers.
  • Reducing CO2 levels in a classroom to a healthy level means 10% to 20% fewer in total student absences.
  • Good HVAC filtration reduced transmission of viruses like the flu.

But did you know that a healthy building means your child will get sick less often? Cornerstone Kids’ focus on fresh air makes a world of difference - you can expect your child to get sick half as often as in a typical child care building, with fewer ear infections fewer antibiotics prescriptions, and fewer lost days of work.

Cornerstone Kids are also less likely to experience asthma symptoms. Almost 9% of children in the US have asthma. Asthma triggers are common in most buildings. These include allergens like pet dander, pollen, bacteria, and mold. Fragrances can trigger symptoms, as can volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from cleaning products and the materials and furnishings inside a building.

At Cornerstone Kids, added asthma triggers simply do not exist. Our facilities are designed to:

  • Be fragrance-free - Our signature smell is … no smell. Building materials, furnishings, and toys are all low emitting materials designed for kids’ health.
  • Eliminate allergens - Air filters clean pollen and bacteria from the air children breathe, shoes are removed at the door preventing allergens from being tracked in, and our healthy buildings prevent mold from colonizing in the first place.
  • Be clean, naturally - We use non-toxic cleaners and integrated pest management that is safe for adults, safe for kids.
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Excerpts and data as compiled and prepared by Dr. Jules Elkins,
The University of Texas at Austin and The East Wall Consulting, LLC
Click Here for a complete copy of Dr. Elkins full report.

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