Khan Academy Curriculum

Cornerstone Kids parents will have, as an after-school elective, the use of Khan Academy as a curriculum tool. Along with extra-curricular activities like ballet, gymnastics, martial arts, and theater drama, our computer lab will always be open and available for each child as parents decide the proper time allocation for their children looking to participate in the Khan Academy curriculum.
Microsoft Corporation's founder and world’s richest man, Bill Gates, utilized the Khan Academy while searching for educational support for his children. The Gates’ Foundation is a major donor to the Khan Academy as is AT&T, Google, The Disney Company and 100’s more.

Khan Academy offers courses in math, science, music, computer programming and computer science as well as other core subjects. They also offer their "Duck, Duck, Moose" program as an early learning curriculum for all Pre-K children. Cornerstone Kids will work with parents to set their children's course structure, remembering that the earlier we start, the greater the advantage.
Khan Academy online finds each student’s true starting point. Kids are often too embarrassed to ask for help slipping further behind each week. Khan Academy fills the gap for much needed individualized learning.
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