Good Health Includes Drinking Clean Pure Water

Cornerstone Kids is committed to promoting good healthy eating habits and wholesome foods for children and staff. We're a big advocate for no pesticide farming and organic agricultural food processes. We also support many initiatives ensuring all have access to clean pure drinking water.

You won’t find even a trace of lead in the water at Cornerstone Kids. Ongoing investigations of the US water supply indicates that millions of Americans are unknowingly being exposed to elevated levels of lead in their drinking water. And lead is a potent neurotoxicant – no level of lead is safe for a developing brain.

But lead is only the most visible water contaminant. We only know what’s in the water if we know what to test for, and new threats are constantly emerging. Emerging contaminants that are worrisome for children’s health include low dose pharmaceuticals from caffeine to anti-depressants, personal care products, hormone disruptors, and pesticides.
At Cornerstone Kids we filter all our drinking water with third-party independently certified water filtration systems that remove up to 15 of the most worrisome emerging contaminants. Our filters also remove chemicals, bacteria, and viruses linked with adverse health effects, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether), that may be present in drinking water. At Cornerstone Kids, our water is fit for a child.
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Excerpts and data as compiled and prepared by Dr. Jules Elkins,
The University of Texas at Austin and The East Wall Consulting, LLC
Click Here for a complete copy of Dr. Elkins full report.

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