Protecting Kids Brains

Currently, there are no public health standards protecting your children from exposure to potentially hazardous toxins and poor indoor air quality inside a child care building. What chemicals are in the air and dust in your daycare? Do these common chemicals in childcare centers have health effects at the levels they are present in the air and dust? Did you know the air inside a typical daycare impairs your child’s ability to learn?

A groundbreaking recent study showed thinking ability DOUBLED in a building with healthy air! Kids learn better in healthy buildings. CO2 levels are particularly damaging to cognition. When the CO2 level in a building is at a slightly elevated level, cognition drops by more than 50%. Now consider that the typical elementary school classroom has a CO2 level 2- to 10-fold higher than this!

How does Cornerstone Kids protect a child’s ability to think clearly? We have a healthy-from-the-ground-up facility that keeps pollutants out in the first place. And we invest resources where it matters – ventilation. We bring fresh air in, run it through state-of-the-art filters that remove any outdoor pollutants, and pump stale air out all day long, so kids breathe healthy, clean air! At Cornerstone Kids, healthy air means a healthy mind. We're challenging the industry standard for childcare facilities.
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Excerpts and data as compiled and prepared by Dr. Jules Elkins,
The University of Texas at Austin and The East Wall Consulting, LLC
Click Here for a complete copy of Dr. Elkins full report.

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