Explainer Video – Competitive Edge

Cornerstone Kids vs. the Competitors

Child care facilities are similar in every city. Historically, parents make their child care decision based on price and location. Existing child care operators will find it difficult to compete with our Cornerstone Kids where a kid’s health and well-being is now a major benefit inviting comparison. Families will quickly learn about Cornerstone Kids’ facility and its many benefits from media reports and word of mouth from parents at their schools.

This Network Effect will make it difficult for ‘Old Standard’ child care facilities to compare. The fact that our environment is a pathogen free airtight facility removing airborne contaminants as small and viscous as the flu virus creates a healthier environment resulting in healthier kids resulting in fewer missed work days for their parents.

By any competitive standard Cornerstone Kids sets a higher standard thereby creating a Network Effect of excellence within Aiken’s community of families. Parental decision parameters will morph from price and location to the safety and health of their kids.

We are Cornerstone Kids where healthy kids mean fewer missed work days for their parents.

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