Founder & CEO

Lynne, a long time Aiken resident and mother of two, has been providing child care in her home for more than 25 years. She has built a thriving business serving more than 125 families, including more than 300 children. That accomplishment, coupled with her involvement in a wide array of community activities and her extensive experience with special needs and learning disabled children, has led to an ever increasing demand for her service.

With a desire to reach a larger community, Lynne joined with other members of her family to create Cornerstone Kids and make her vision of whole-family care a reality. In her role as CEO, Lynne is present in the facility on a daily basis, ensuring that all aspects of Cornerstone Kids work together to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children develop physically, intellectually, and emotionally, and where busy families have the resources necessary to thrive.

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