I have known Lynne for over 20 years and have been a client for several of those. I was also a neighbor for 3 years. I originally met Lynne and her family when my family and I moved to Aiken from San Francisco in 1995. At that time I was working and Lynn watched my 2 year old son while I worked. She is one of the nicest most conscientious people I have ever met. It was very hard to have moved across the country and also have someone take care of my child (who had never been watched by anyone other than family). But I knew from the moment that I met her that my son would be well cared for.


Now I am a Grandmother raising my grandson and again I have entrusted Lynne and her WONDERFUL staff with the love and care of him. He is learning to get along with other children and thriving under their care. He also had the opportunity to take swim lessons this summer which I doubt would have happened anywhere else. My husband and I plan to invest in her new Child care venture as soon as we can. We believe in Lynn and her vision for all her kids!!!

Michelle Adams, Aiken, SC